What Are The Leading Investments In Sales Productivity?

In our 2013 Sales Performance and Productivity Study, the following investments in sales productivity 2013 and 2014 emerged as the top three:

Process, skills and competencies cover the “how to sell” dimensions, whereas the second initiative is focused on the “what to sell” dimension. The third initiative on sales manager training and development covers two dimensions at the same time: The first is to train sales managers on the skills and competencies they need to perform their role most effectively, and the second one is to develop their coaching excellence. Front line sales managers’ ability to coach is what makes the differences in terms of measurable business impact. Depending on their span of control, front line sales managers have the biggest leverage effect in any sales organizations when it comes to sales execution.

To create more business impact out of these investments, two connections must be made:
First, it is essential to integrate the sales methodology in any training or content service that covers product knowledge. Learning skills or competencies, e.g. a new way of delivering value messages, is much easier with the products and services that are sold, than with neutral examples.

Second, the sales manager training and development needs to be derived from the implemented sales methodologies and processes. Coaching frameworks and guidelines have to be tailored according to the sales operations and enablement framework. On the one hand, coaching helps to identify the actual stage of an opportunity to define the right forecast. On the other hand, coaching of opportunities, especially of early opportunities, has to mirror the implemented messaging and engagement principles. Only then can coaching have the potential to reinforce sales enablement and sales training investments on a regular basis.

Help us help you. Invest a few minutes to participate in our 3rd MHI Research Institute Sales Performance and Productivity Study 2014. The SPPS 2014 is focused on sales operations, sales enablement, sales training and sales technology. We want to learn more about the scope and the trends regarding sales productivity in different functions. Furthermore, we want to understand current and future investment priorities. A special focus this year is on the role of front line sales managers and how well they are equipped, and on the different initiatives driven in sales enablement and/or sales training.

What you can expect from the study as a participant

The findings of the SPPS 2014 will help you as a participant to understand those sales productivity core themes and trends, as well as the related investments trends. Furthermore, the findings will help you with data to support your strategic planning for 2015 in your organization.

What’s in it for you – immediately?

In return for investing your time to complete this survey, you will have immediate access to a collection of research published by the MHI Research Institute, the Strategic Themes Digest, as well as an invitation to our participants’ webinar that will feature the results in October.

Click here to get to the study – it’s open through August 1, 2014.

Thank YOU very much for participating!



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