Providing Perspective – A Customer Core Principle

Playing football/soccer on a regional level is different from playing football in the Premier League or the Champions League. Mental preparation, fitness, agility, training, coaching – all these requirements build on each other, but their characteristics and their intensity are different on each level. It’s a journey to get from one level to the next level.

In professional selling, we have come a long way. The industrial age was about mass marketing – product, place, promotion, and price. Product pitches were the results: “This is what we sell to you.” Then, selling solutions and invisible services became the core challenge. Capabilities were mapped to verticals and typical customer challenges. Selling evolved to presentations, meaning “this is what we sell to people like you.” Now, we are in the relationship economy, the customer age – you name it. More important than different names is what they all have in common. It used to be that sales professionals knew more. But since the internet changed the world, there is no longer a significant information asymmetry between sales professionals and customers. That does not necessarily mean though that because buyers are more informed, they know a whole lot better. Often, they are more confused, because their context, their concepts, their specific situation are missing. The consequence must be to change the design point of “how to sell.”

Changing the design point to the customer at the core

Providing perspective is an engagement and messaging approach that works consequently backwards from the main design point – the customer’s journey and the stakeholders’ network. It’s about “this is how you can achieve your goals.” It is about understanding the specific situational context, understanding the stakeholder’s different concepts on how to fix a problem, and how to avoid a risk or how to accomplish a goal. Context and concepts are essential, but not enough to design a unique perspective. Understanding how this customer is going to make this decision at this time – this is the key differentiator to orchestrate an entire stakeholder network toward a shared future vision of success.

Based on context, concepts and the specific decision dynamic, the mapping process to your own portfolio of products and services takes place. The purpose is to design a unique approach that connects the dots to this specific buying context, the stakeholder’s concepts, their situational dynamic, and enables them to achieve their desired outcomes.

Providing perspective requires more than enabling a sales professional with content on products and services and product training. Enablement functions need to sharpen their scope to improve a sales professional’s skills, his or her knowledge on verticals, challenges, buyer roles and their challenges, and specific customer management strategies. Additionally, leading and orchestrating large stakeholder networks is a differentiating skill – especially in complex buying environments.

Enabling perspectives requires sales enablement to evolve the discipline to the next level – that means to shift the design point from the customer core, to integrate currently missing elements and to redefine the scope of enablement content and training services.
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